Orenda trust

Who we are.

Orenda is a non-profit organisation started in 2014 with the aim to empower youth to make a positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others.


What we do.

Central to our philosophy is the idea that every individual has the potential to make a difference, and be a change agent for the world. Our work aims to empower youth and enable them to be able to make this change. Our two main projects for this are - CrAFT and Saath.

Our flagship project is CrAFT, which stands for Creating Awareness for Tomorrow, through which we focus on youth empowerment. To achieve this, we do the following - 



We conduct workshops with underprivileged children on crucial life skills like financial literacy, gender issues, health, etc. in an effort to bridge the gaps in their learning caused by poverty. We use tools like games, movies, and activities, to make these interactive and engaging. For example - playing monopoly to teach concepts of financial literacy or listening to female empowerment success stories!


We train teachers and educators to be able to deliver workshops and lessons on life skills education. We partnered with the directorate of education and SCERT to work directly with government school teachers.


We organise awareness campaigns on social and environmental issues. For example, our campaign HEAL which focused on hygiene promotion and preventive measures amongst people in urban slums. The campaign focused on methods such as covering your cough, hand washing, etc. This led to a 50% decrease in hospitalisation in the region.



We develop life skills education curriculum that can be distributed to public schools, educators, and other organisations. The curriculum is divided into 5 segments - Personal skills, Professional Skills, Social Issues, Environmental Awareness, Health and Hygiene. 



campaigns organised

On issues ranging from health, environmental awareness, education, and more.



workshops conducted

With youth as well as educators, on important life skills issues.



children Impacted

Through our workshops, our campaigns, and our curriculums.

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Work with us

We love working with like minded people to amplify our impact! If you're interested in collaborating or working with us in any way, send us an email!

Volunteer opportunities

If you're interested in first hand exposure to social impact, volunteer with us. Applications will be opening shortly, follow us on Facebook or shoot us an email for more updates!


For any queries, comments, or anything else that you might want to discuss, email us at orendatrust@gmail.com.