Our Work

Central to Orenda's philosophy is the idea that every human has the potential to bring change, not only in their own lives but in the lives of those around them as well. Our work aims to empower, enable, and support individuals in these pursuits. 


We started our Project CrAFT - Creating Awareness for Tomorrow with this aim in mind. Our work centres around conducting workshops with underprivileged children from the marginalised sections of Delhi, in an effort to bridge life skills gaps. We've divided these life skills into 4 key areas.


personal skills 

These cover areas of growth such as leadership, critical thinking, communication skills, etc. Workshops on these issues involved activities like presenting case studies on leadership, playing mystery games on problem solving, and paired obstacle races for communication skills. 


professional skills

These involved concepts like financial literacy, career guidance and ambition, professional conduct etc. Examples of workshop activities involve role playing games, success stories of people from similar backgrounds, and playing monopoly for financial learning.


The focus here was on hygiene, prevention of diseases, and better understanding of wellness and nourishment. We also did workshops on sexual and menstrual health for girls. Workshops were interactive, featuring short video clips, discussing basic solutions, and clarifying doubts and mis



This section was focused on issues of not just personal relevance, but global awareness as well. Workshops on water, waste, air, and energy related issues were conducted. Activities involved movie presentations, cleanliness drives, anti-cracker pledges, among other things. The focus was not just on awareness, but solutions as well.


This was one of the most challenging sections of our workshops, as it involved discussion of certain sensitive issues such as gender discrimination. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of situations however, our aim was empowerment, helping the children break gender based stereotypes, discussing the importance of education, and equality. 


Some of these workshops were modularised and organised into a curriculum that was shared with the SCERT and directorate of education. Following several teacher training sessions on imparting life skills education, these were then taken up further by the teachers themselves in government schools, increasing our impact to more than ten thousand children!